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My Morning Routine

I try to make my mornings as healthy as possible to set myself up for a good day. There are three things that I have been doing consistently that I believe have really contributed to my healing. I don't always fit in all three (especially the celery juice as it can be time consuming if I'm in a time crunch). But on the days I can fit in all three I feel so good because I know I have started my day with as many nutrients, vitamins and healing foods as possible.

green celery juice
16 ounces of organic celery juice

First, lemon water. Upon rising I drink 16 ounces of room temperature water with the juice of a whole lemon squeezed into it. This flushes out the toxins that accumulated while I slept and wakes up the liver. I religiously do this every morning no matter what, as I now crave it when I wake up. (When I travel, my first stop upon arriving in a new town is picking up bottled water and lemons for my morning.)

Then 30 minutes later I have 16 ounces of celery juice. Celery juice should be taken on an empty stomach with nothing in it except the celery juice. This has helped my digestion so much, and I really started to feel better and noticed my skin clear up after pretty soon starting my day with the celery juice. You can read more about the benefits of celery juice here.

Heavy Metal Detox smoothie

Finally about 30 minutes after the juice I make a fruit smoothie. Some days I have the Liver Rescue smoothie which is made with bananas, blueberries and dragonfruit. But most days recently I have been doing the "Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie" from the Medical Medium which consists of bananas, wild blueberries, orange juice, cilantro, a seaweed called Atlantic dulse, spirulina, and barley grass juice powder. Watch a video with the Medical Medium for the full recipe here.

Because my smoothie is basically just fruit I usually get hungry about an hour after, so then I'll eat something more filling for breakfast. Maybe overnight oats or a breakfast bowl made with quinoa.

There you have it, the three things I do most mornings. What routines do you have in the mornings that help you to be feel good and be healthy? I would love to hear.

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