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Healing is not Linear

Lately I have had to remind myself that healing is not linear. This past week has been hard. After a few weeks of feeling pretty good and feeling like was finally turning a corner, things seemed to get worse again. That got me really down.

It's so frustrating when you feel like you are doing all the things you should be doing, but then they don't seem to be working. It makes you wonder if you are on the right track, or if you need to change directions. Wondering if it's time to find a new practitioner, or look for something else that may be going on.

Even though I have been so healthy lately- eating very clean and so many fruits and vegetables, getting a lot of sleep, and taking lots of vitamins and supplements- I woke up Saturday morning with a cold sore and feeling really tired. I have always gotten cold sores, but usually I get them when I feeling really run down- under stress, eating badly and not sleeping well. So to get one now when I am doing all the "right" things has me wondering why.

The Medical Medium has a theory that there are hundreds of herpes viruses that are a cause of a significant amount of symptoms that we often treat not realizing what they stem from. So maybe the candida and various symptoms I have been dealing with can be traced back to a herpes virus? I'm not sure but I do know I have quite a few of these in my body. I have had chicken pox, shingles and herpes simplex virus 1 (which causes cold sores on the lips and mouth).

Herpes Family Virus Symptoms (according to Anthony William, Medical Medium)

-fatigue, aches and pains

-migraines, depression, brain fog, concentration issues, restlessness

-Bell's Palsy




-muscle weakness, tingling, numbness, restless leg, twitches, spasms

-also heart palpitations, goiters, thyroiditis, vertigo, tinnitus, body temperature issues, Raynaud’s syndrome, MS, sarcoidosis and in some cases Lyme Disease.

Natural Ways to Fight the Herpes Virus

This week I've added in a zinc sulfate supplement and L-Lysine. I am taking about four times the recommended amount of L-Lysine and since I started both I have noticed a difference in the swelling of the cold sore and I am getting my energy back. I'll continue taking both of these, but at a lower dose, to keep the virus in check, even after the cold sore is gone.

Healing turmeric ginger latte.

Other herbs that can help are lemon balm, licorice root and echinacea. I have these in teas that I have been drinking during the day. I have also tried incorporating ginger, turmeric, spirulina, garlic and potatoes in my daily meals as I read they can all be healing. I have also cut out all dairy including eggs, canola oil and corn products as they can feed the virus.

I'm hoping that making these changes will help me. Reminding myself that although sometimes it feels like I'm not healing, I am. Healing is not linear and there will be ups and downs. I have to think back to where I was last year, and then I can see how far I have come. I know I am on the right track, and I just need to be patient and keep putting my health first.

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